About Us


We consistently and responsibly pursue excellence in all our endeavours.

Based in India, Surgeon's Home (India) is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in crafting surgical instruments, operating under the esteemed brand name ‘Surzon’. Our primary dedication lies in transforming the concept of surgical instruments into a craft characterized by unparalleled quality. Every intricate detail matters when handcrafting these high-precision instruments, ensuring excellence doesn't just meet standards; it sets them.

This endeavor started in 1989 as a specialist instrument supplier catering to the Indian market. Over time, the company's commitment to superior quality and rigid craftsmanship allowed its reach to expand beyond national boundaries. Today, Surgeon’s Home stands as a reputed global entity in medical technology, delivering premium-grade precision surgical instruments worldwide. Our commitment to providing a one-stop instrument solution ensures you can rely on us for a broad range of surgical specialties such as cardiovascular, orthopaedic, gynecology, neuro, microsurgical, cardiovascular, dental, ENT, ophthalmic, and more. All our instruments are ISO 13485:2016 certified and CE approved to ensure compliance with the highest standards.

Message from the CEO - SUDESH DHIMAN, Surgeon's Home (India)

As the founder of Surgeon's Home (India), a company that specializes in exporting and manufacturing surgical instruments, I would like to underline our commitment to uncompromising ethical standards. Our ethics policy has been designed to provide a framework that guides our approach to good business behavior while fostering sound ethical conduct. It aims at enhancing corporate social responsibility and instills in our employees an understanding of their individual and collective roles.

The prime purpose is to ensure that each member of our Surzon team is well-versed in these guidelines for maintaining high business standards and promoting mutual respect, fairness, and honesty in all dealings within or outside of the organization. Ensuring total compliance with this policy is crucial for the sustainable growth of Surgeons' Home (India), emphasizing our reputation as industry leaders dedicated to safeguarding professional integrity. We believe in upholding these values, which are tantamount to our success in today’s fast-evolving medical industry.

Manufacturing Facility

Innovation at Work, Excellence in Every Detail

We possess all facilities, including design, development, in-house manufacturing, inventory, and the production of Surgical Instruments that cater to close-tolerance industrial survey systems like CAD & CAM solutions. We are committed to assisting users and meeting their deadlines to the best of our ability. This extends beyond common off-the-shelf items to encompass diverse and custom items crafted specifically for your unique project. Surgeon's Home (India) serves as a valuable resource for you, the end system user, by not only manufacturing and supplying common items but also addressing the production of small quantities and challenging items.

Quality Assurance

Crafting perfection through rigorous quality control

Our promise to quality isn't just a label—it's part of how we work! Each instrument is a blend of surgical expertise, precise specifications, and top-notch quality assurance. Surgeons, with their incredible skills, operate under tight schedules and make quick decisions. At Surgeon’s Home (India), we understand the need for tools that are not just suitable but also trustworthy. A company well known for its unwavering pursuit of excellence in surgical tool manufacturing produces our instruments.

Mission , Vission & Values

Our Mission
Our mission is to become a vital healthcare partner worldwide by continuously researching and innovating in the field of surgical instruments. We are committed to providing superior-quality, reliable, and technologically advanced solutions to meet diverse surgical needs.
Our Vision
Our vision is to establish ourselves as the most trusted brand in the global market for surgical instruments. We strive to set new standards for excellence, safety, and efficiency while contributing positively towards advancements in healthcare.
Company’s key features
  • Innovation drives Surzon's product excellence.
  • Precision manufacturing for enhanced productivity.
  • Systematic upgrades ensure product consistency.
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous commitment to technological advancement.
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